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i.H.E.L.P. Outreach

iHELP (Individual Helpers Exercising Love for People) is a non-profit organization aimed at fostering love, hope and good will to residents of communities in Iberia Parish, St. Mary Parish and surrounding parishes in the Louisiana area.  It is indeed our goal to expand our reach globally over the course of time in order to help those in need.  Our mission is to continue exercising love for the people, to give back and bring more to our communities in need via community events, outreach and counseling provided by our staff, volunteers and community leaders. We have recently coordinated several events in Iberia Parish which offered free meals, supplies and counseling for local residents. 
One of our first events was "Operation Fun Day" for the children in the New Iberia Community on April 23rd.  IT'S NOTHING IN THE WORLD, LIKE THE FACE OF A HAPPY CHILD!!!

1st & 2nd Operation Fun Day & Back To School Bash
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