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     God's Evangelist is the daughter of God's Prophet and Apostle Dr. W. E. Brown and The Elect First Lady Elder M. E. Brown.  She is one of the Leaders of Covenant Temple Churches Worldwide.

     She was pre-ordained from her Mother’s womb to preach the Gospel and to minister in song.  A word from the Lord concerning the unborn child came to her Mother through Evangelist’s Father saying “Take care of the Prophet in you.”

     After her Earth entry, she began to be taught by her Parents the old time way of Holiness. At a young age she displayed impeccable wisdom and intelligence beyond others in her age group. This intelligence caused her to excel in her studies producing a straight A student.  

     As a child, Evangelist witnessed to countless individuals encouraging them to surrender their hearts to the Lord.  Because of her witness souls were added to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  Their lives and the lives of others continue to be positively impacted by the Word of the Lord in her mouth.

     At the tender age of 5, God's Evangelist preached her first message entitled “Get Right, Stay Right & Don’t Disobey God.”  Throughout her life she has always exemplified a level of maturity far beyond her natural years.

     Her parents are her biggest influences in Life, Ministry and Music.  At a young age Evangelist’s Father taught her how to play the keyboard and her Mother taught her how to sing.  She was given by God the gift of healing and anointed to sing four octaves.  As time progressed, her many talents were honed and enhanced by God.  

     As a teenager, she was anointed and ordained an Evangelist by the hand of God through her Father God's Prophet.  She is passionate about the Ministry of Jesus Christ and travels worldwide spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom to a lost and dying world.  

     Evangelist graduated high school with more than the required credits.  Then she furthered her studies by attending a college that specialized in Sound Audio Engineering.  She excelled in this field of study and graduated with honors at the top of her class.

     Evangelist is well versed in computer art design, she’s an entrepreneur, author, lyricist, musician, songstress and recording artist, sound audio engineer, producer, clothing designer and most importantly God's humble and faithful servant.



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