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     The hand of God moved upon Evangelist Brown at the early age of two years old. Family and friends were amazed at her aptitude regarding the things of God at such an early age.

     After graduating High School, she began preparations for training as a registered nurse but changed her field of interest and began training as an executive secretary, a field in which she rapidly excelled.

     Evangelist Brown utilized her skills in the area of public service working for the American Red Cross where she became the director of office and field management services.  Some years later she began working for the U. S. Government Postal Division.

     Afterwards, she felt the urgent call of God on her life to seek out and help those in need of salvation and deliverance. Within a four year period, she was called of God to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. A call which she responded forthwith and demonstrated impeccable character and holiness unto the Lord.

     She was ordained as an Elder by the hand of God through the Prophet and Apostle W. E. Brown in the year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred Eighty Nine. 
Elder and Evangelist Brown attended St. Ellis University (S. E. U.) where she completed her ministerial studies of one hundred and twenty credit hours and received her Baccalaureate Degree in Religious Sciences.

     She attended Gulf Coast School of Real Estate and successfully completed the course to be a licensed realtor. She is an author, entrepreneur, CEO, composer, songstress, lyricist, interior designer, teacher and served as the Principal of Star Christian Academy.

     Elder Brown is married to Dr. and Apostle W. E. Brown President and Founder of Covenant Temple Churches Worldwide. She has beautiful children and grandchildren who are very active in the Ministry of Jesus Christ.



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