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     Dr. W. E. Brown is God’s Prophet and Apostle, Pastor and Founder of Covenant Temple Churches Worldwide located in Miami, FL and headquartered in New Iberia, LA.  He has been in the Ministry forty (40) years, teaching and preaching the Gospel Of The Kingdom to a lost and dying world.

     At the age of seven, God began dealing with him in strange and mighty ways, causing him to have great wisdom far beyond others in his age group. This wisdom caused him to excel in his studies and produced a straight A student.


     He maintained this level of excellence throughout High School and graduated with honors. Shortly thereafter Dr. Brown developed an interest in medicine which compelled him to enroll and attend South Florida State Hospital’s Medical School Program where his major interest of study was Neuroscience and Psychology.

In his continuing studies, Dr. Brown studied practical applications of Naturopathic and Holistic Sciences through correspondence with the American College of Holistic Nutrition located in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Brown excelled in knowledge causing him to be one of the most advanced students in his class.

     With the help of the Lord, he was the leading intern who developed the primary working model for Audio Therapy at SFSH Medical and Psychiatric Facility; a groundbreaking and cutting edge technique implemented for the treatment of various mental disorders. This technique is now utilized in vast regions of the global community.

     Dr. Brown received the Lord and the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 1972 through the powerful ministry of his Father and Chief Apostle, Dr. S. D. James, founder of The S. D. James Evangelistic Association Inc., and Evangelistic Pentecostal Churches (Worldwide.)

     During his professional career, God instructed Dr. Brown to forsake all, follow Him and preach His Word. Upon this commission Dr. Brown obeyed and faithfully carried The Gospel throughout the Unites States, the Caribbean Islands, the Netherland Antilles and Europe.

     By the Hand of God many were healed, delivered and set free from the bondage of sin, death, oppression and affliction. To this day hundreds of thousands of lives are yet being touched by this great Man of God.

     Dr. Brown is an entrepreneur, founder of Star Christian Academy, CEO of AESA; a student philanthropic consortium and CEO of multiple businesses world wide. He is lyricist of over fifty (50) songs and has authored more than thirty (30) publications.

     He is happily married to his beautiful and gracious wife, Elder M. E. Brown. He has beautiful children and grandchildren who are very active in the Ministry of Jesus Christ. He is God's humble and faithful Servant.



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